from bare to beautiful

Who is Peggy Lee?

My lifelong dream from childhood was to be involved in some career that would allow me to create, be it drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics or interior design. I studied art in high school and college, graduating cum laude with a B.A. in Fine Arts from California State University at Long Beach.

My greatest joy as an artist began when one of my clients asked me to paint angels on all the ceilings of her beautiful mansion. Working on the high scaffolding painting angels and clouds day after day, I felt enraptured with the presence of God. It was the most wonderful experience I’d ever had as a painter. Soon thereafter I was blessed by another client who asked me to paint musical instruments with leaves and Scriptures wrapped around them on the walls of her large dining room. Her vision turned out to be truly lovely!

My work is greatly influenced by my desire to give my client a room with more than paint, but an atmosphere of an inner condition – peace, joy, comfort, playful. I never just put something up, but always try to capture the persons reason for wanting the walls changed.

I invite you to explore my work and let me bring your inner inspiration to life!